A Brief History

The Schools of Empowerment (SOE) were created in 2012 due to both the need and the vision to see a greater expression of the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit released in the life of the believer, churches and the university campus. SOE started as a single 3-week annual school in Durham, NC under the leadership of Pastors Jim Laffoon and Reggie Roberson. As it grew, students from all over the world began to attend. Soon thereafter, local churches from across the globe, having recognized the need for their members to be trained and empowered in the Holy Spirit, began to request for SOE to be hosted in their locations. SOE then began to travel to other domestic and international locations including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Germany, and the Philippines.

It soon became evident that not only was there an increasing need to host schools all over the world, but additional specialized schools were launched in order to build off of the foundation offered through SOE. As a result, SOE became The Every Nation Schools of Empowerment to include the original foundation-laying school SOE, along with The School of Healing (SOH), The School of Prophecy (SOP) and The School of Intercession (SOI).

The Schools of Empowerment also became an integral part of Every Nation’s School of Campus Ministry in Nashville, Tennessee. Known as HEAVEN WEEK, SOE is now a part of the fundamental curriculum that trains campus missionaries how to live and effectively minister to students in the power of the Holy Spirit on university campuses all over the world.

At the end of 2017,  the school had grown to such an extent that the headquarters for the Schools of Empowerment were moved from Durham, NC to Chantilly, Virginia.  Pastor Jim Laffoon continues to serve as the International Director for SOE and  Pastor Jim Critcher became the North American Director for SOE, accepting that role from Pastor Reggie Roberson. Leah Nelson and Deanna Driggers also serve as SOE staff fulfilling administrative, marketing and development functions along with assisting local churches in hosting SOE schools.

To date, The Schools of Empowerment have been hosted across the United States, in Germany, Belgium, the Philippines, Australia, South Africa and the UAE with students of all ages, job backgrounds and callings attending from 29 nations across the globe. Other schools are currently in development, and we are working to make SOE available to churches beyond Every Nation. 

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