Every Nation School of Empowerment

Do you feel like there should be more to your life in Christ?

Jesus’ promise to send us the Holy Spirit to indwell and empower us radically changed the landscape of how we are meant to live our lives.  As if from black and white to technicolor, we have been granted intimate access to the God of the universe and enabled, through His Spirit, to bring His Kingdom to the earth through the power of His transforming love. If you long to experience the life God has made readily available to you, come and learn what it means to live in step with the Holy Spirit.

Come experience and learn to live the life of power in the ongoing presence of God that He desires for you.

About the School

Come and be fully immersed in God’s transformational presence at the School of Empowerment (SOE). You will be challenged, inspired, equipped and changed further into the likeness of Jesus and empowered to be a witness to the majesty, power, glory and goodness of God in every sphere in society!

At SOE, you will learn about the person and power of the Holy Spirit. Through powerful times of worship and prayer, you will have the opportunity to dive into the tangible presence of God. You will also gain in-depth teaching on the theological and historical background of the Holy Spirit, practical training on how to strengthen your devotional life to Jesus, and comprehensive equipping through teaching and activations in the spiritual gifts – all in an encouraging and Biblically sound environment. There will also be an opportunity for you to receive personal prayer and prophecy to further equip you for the call that God has put on your life.

Note: The School of Empowerment (SOE) is, depending on the location, a one or two week foundational requisite school upon which our Every Nation Schools of Empowerment are built.

Course Outline

In Module 1, you will learn how to Biblically understand the power, presence and Person of the Holy Spirit within church history to the present day, as well as develop a Biblically sound framework for a Spirit-empowered culture.
  • You will explore some of the contemporary views of the Holy Spirit’s Person and work, as well as the inherent challenges of Spirit-empowered ministry, both Biblically and historically, in the Church.
  • You will discover a Biblical framework for the relationship between supernatural power and God’s mission on the earth, and they will analyze the dangers of disconnecting the power of the Holy Spirit from that apostolic mandate.
  • You will learn the fundamental ingredients necessary to develop and maintain a Biblically-sound framework for a Spirit-empowered, supernatural culture in our local churches, campus ministries, and marketplace environments.
  • You will have the opportunity to engage in small group discussions, processing instructional coursework, sharing insights and revelations, and reviewing testimonies.
In Module 2, you will have the opportunity to engage in times of intimacy with God through praise, worship, developing your devotional life and the spiritual disciplines. You will personally experience the power, presence and person of the Holy Spirit through activations exploring the spiritual disciplines, as well as the gifts of the Holy Spirit, while learning how life in the Spirit is meant to be walked out on a daily basis.
  • You will be immersed in a devotional atmosphere and explore how to engage God through powerful times of prayer and worship.
  • You will get to explore the principles of intimacy with God.
  • You will discover the joys of finding God through reading His Word, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines.
  • You will learn how to make “space” for God in your daily life through impactful applications and exercises.
  • You will examine the role of the spiritual disciplines in producing Spirit-empowered ministry.
  • You will engage in moments of impartation, involving the the laying on of hands and yielding to the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • You will receive prophetic ministry from an experienced prophet.
  • You will receive healing prayer.
In Module 3, you will learn to comprehend your role and authority as a believer in Christ, as well as apprehend the realm of faith and belief. You will also learn how to apply and practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit in various environments, as well as to identify and employ spiritual warfare where necessary.
  • You will discover your authority as a believer in Christ, and you will learn how to utilize that authority in your ministry life.
  • You will explore the relationship between faith and belief to more effectively minister the Gospel and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • You will have regular opportunities to activate the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit and learn how to incorporate Spirit-empowered ministry into your everyday life.
  • You will have practical opportunities to engage those who don’t know Christ, using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • You will discover how to identify the various gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and learn to understand the role of those gifts in Spirit-empowered ministry.
  • You will learn how to engage in spiritual warfare, when necessary, to bring the power of the Gospel to the campus, the local church, the marketplace and your everyday environment.


Rates may vary depending on the location and length of the school.


SOE is open to all Christians 16 years or older. This school is our foundational school upon which all of the other schools are built, therefore, it serves as a prerequisite for all of our other schools.

Upcoming Dates

Jun 23
The School of Empowerment NC
King's Park International Church - 1305 Odyssey Drive

How our students have been encountered

“One of the greatest impact moments at SOE was during our time of healing and deliverance. The women who prayed for me explained what my root issue was and graciously and tenderly walked me through it. I received sonship that day. I knew what sonship was, but it was more head knowledge than personal identification. It is now my heart’s cry: I am His beloved and He is my Abba!!”


“Oh My!  Life after SOE is certainly not the same. Since I attended SOE I am more confident in my giftings through the Holy Spirit and I have had the opportunity to help minister to others as God has made opportunities available.  SOE also gave me the opportunity to experience healing for some deep inner wounds. To God be the Glory!!!!”


“SOE gave me a lot of confidence in God and a solid foundation for closeness with Him. Since then I have been getting to see co-workers miraculously healed and/or strangers supernaturally encouraged.”


“Life after SOE has been great! I have so many tools in my tool belt and I feel very equipped to access the power and person of God in a confident way. Since the school I’ve just been looking to stir up everything that was deposited in me.”


“I learned so much at SOE. I appreciated the intellectual information as well as the activation. The various speakers were extremely motivational. The school solidified my faith and expanded my boundaries in a good way. “


“I appreciated the foundational focus on God’s word and intimacy with God at SOE. That both of those should be what we build on in walking in the gifts and power of God.”


It's time to ignite your destiny.

Come and immerse yourself in prayer, worship, teaching, practical activation and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.