Every Nation School of Healing

What does it mean to truly be “free”? How do we realize that freedom?

Are you walking in the fullness of freedom that Christ has purchased?
Are you equipped to help others realize that freedom?
Are you longing to the see the power of God defeat the power of darkness in others’ lives?

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free (Galatians 5:1)

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About the School

The freedom afforded us in Christ is not only part of our Kingdom inheritance — of which we can now participate — but also forms a vital ministry of the contemporary church. As the days grow culturally and spiritually darker, that darkness attempts to influence and infect the life and health of individuals and families. The ministries that afford that promised health, along with a clear methodology for maintaining that health, is a vital component of effective discipleship.

Accordingly, the church is in great need of ministers and leaders who are equipped to guide people to appropriate Jesus’ work on the cross through the power of the Holy Spirit. If you have a desire to join the ranks of those anointed to proclaim Good News to the poor, freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, and to set the oppressed free (see Luke 4:18), the School of Healing is for you.

The School of Healing (SOH), part of the Schools of Empowerment, is focused on equipping you in healing the human soul through the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. This school is designed to help you as a pastor, campus missionary, or local church leader deal with the patterns of sin and pain that have proved resistant to change in the lives of those whom you are discipling. The school, which is divided into four sections, includes both classroom instruction along with practical, hands-on exercises. You will also be immersed in the presence and power of the Lord through powerful worship times and spiritual impartation.

Not only will your own walk with the Lord be powerfully strengthened and built up during this time, you will experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ in the lives of those you are called to minister to, impacting not only individuals, but entire communities and nations!

No longer should members of the body of Christ be stuck in the prisons Jesus died to free them from.

Course Outline

In this section, you will be taught how to practically apply the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to stubborn sin patterns and deeply ingrained neural pathways that have been created outside of Christ’s lordship. Reproducible homework assignments designed to stimulate neural transformation will be provided for you.

This section provides instruction and application in the practices and principles of seeing people set free from generational strongholds, spoken curses, deception, and negative thought patterns.

In section three, you will be equipped to help people experience the healing power of Christ in those areas of their soul where they have been traumatized.

You will be taught to discern and deal with demons. A Biblical theology of demonology will also be provided. Questions will be answered such as:

  • How can a person become demonized?
  • Can a Christian have a demon?
  • How can demons be cast out?
  • What are demonic hierarchies?


Rates may vary depending on the location and length of the school.


SOH is an advanced school, and therefore, is open to students who have either: attended the School of Empowerment, are a fully-funded MPD minister or a staff member of a church, or have a written recommendation from a pastor.

Upcoming Dates

Jun 25
The Every Nation School of Healing NC 2024
King's Park International Church - 1305 Odyssey Drive

How our students have been encountered

“One of the greatest impact moments at SOE was during our time of healing and deliverance. The women who prayed for me explained what my root issue was and graciously and tenderly walked me through it. I received sonship that day. I knew what sonship was, but it was more head knowledge than personal identification. It is now my heart’s cry: I am His beloved and He is my Abba!!”


“Oh My!  Life after SOE is certainly not the same. Since I attended SOE I am more confident in my giftings through the Holy Spirit and I have had the opportunity to help minister to others as God has made opportunities available.  SOE also gave me the opportunity to experience healing for some deep inner wounds. To God be the Glory!!!!”


“SOE gave me a lot of confidence in God and a solid foundation for closeness with Him. Since then I have been getting to see co-workers miraculously healed and/or strangers supernaturally encouraged.”


“Life after SOE has been great! I have so many tools in my tool belt and I feel very equipped to access the power and person of God in a confident way. Since the school I’ve just been looking to stir up everything that was deposited in me.”


“I learned so much at SOE. I appreciated the intellectual information as well as the activation. The various speakers were extremely motivational. The school solidified my faith and expanded my boundaries in a good way. “


“I appreciated the foundational focus on God’s word and intimacy with God at SOE. That both of those should be what we build on in walking in the gifts and power of God.”


It's time to ignite your destiny.

Come and immerse yourself in prayer, worship, teaching, practical activation and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.