Every Nation School of Intercession

Is God awakening you to prayer?

Do you have a unique grace to pray for extended periods of time?
Does God give you specific burdens for which to pray?
Do you want to learn more about how to effectively pray for cities and nations?

If so, God has a place for you on “the wall” of communities, cities and nations.

About the School

In this critical hour, the the world is crying out for men and women to take up their positions, using the weapons that the Spirit provides, and pray until persons and peoples are transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have been feeling the call to join this mighty band of warriors that God is identifying and equipping, The School of Intercession (SOI) is for you. Come and discover how God wants to use you to effect change to bring His Kingdom to the earth.

The School of Intercession (SOI) is a specialized 5-day school of the Schools of Empowerment, focused on equipping you to pray effectively and powerfully through the word of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is designed to help you, as a pastor, campus missionary, or local church leader pray strategically for your church, your city, your nation and beyond.

Note: Due to the tactical nature of this school, and the importance of thoroughly equipping students to effectively engage in strategic level warfare, SOI is structured into two parts: SOI-1 and SOI-2. SOI-1 focuses on the foundational aspects of intercession, practically laying the necessary groundwork for powerful and effective prayer. SOI-2 builds off of the principles and practices of SOI-1 by applying the knowledge learned in the previous half of the school through hands-on experience via “hands on, feet on the ground” instruction in spiritual mapping, spiritual warfare and identificational repentance.

Course Outline

We will examine Paul’s command at the end of Ephesians to pray in the Spirit using every type of prayer, focusing on the following modes of intercession: Praying in Tongues, Praying the Scriptures, Birthing Prayer, and the Watchman’s Prayer.

You will learn the priority of Jesus’ prayer, to be moved and motivated by what He saw and heard from the Father. In the truest sense, all intercession has its genesis in prophetic revelation. You will learn about the motivation and the modes of revelation, the importance of discernment and how to partner with the leadership of the Holy Spirit in prayer.

We will define strategic level spiritual warfare (SLSW) and discuss: the presuppositions involved with SLSW, varying views and practices of SLSW and five elements involved in engaging the enemy in SLSW.

What are the realities of what it means to be involved in a spiritual war? We will examine the very practical and effective strategies we can learn and deploy in order to see the Kingdom advance while minimizing casualties. You will learn how to build walls of protection around yourself, your families, your pastor and your church.

We will look at the origin, definition and Scriptural basis for Identificational Repentance, as well as the purpose, promise and power of this unique form of prayer. This includes confessing before God the corporate sins of one’s nation, people, church or family in order for blessing to be released where it has been previously hindered.

What is “spiritual mapping?” It is identifying those spiritual strongholds that have operated, often undetected, over geographical places. As with any strategic intelligence and information gathering, you will learn an interdisciplinary approach through research, reconnaissance and revelation. This information will then have practical application in developing an intercessory strategy through the knowledge gained.

As “watchmen” who are willing to “stand in the gap” until victory is fully secured, there are schemes of the enemy that would come to distract, discourage and even attempt to destroy those watchmen. We will look at the perils and pitfalls of the ministry of watchmen prayer and learn how to successfully navigate and avoid those pitfalls so that we are “not unaware of his schemes.”


Prices vary depending on the location and length of the school.


SOI is an advanced school, and therefore, is open to students who have either: attended the School of Empowerment, are a fully-funded MPD minister or a staff member of a church, or have a written recommendation from a pastor.

Upcoming Dates

There are no upcoming Events at this time.

How our students have been encountered

“One of the greatest impact moments at SOE was during our time of healing and deliverance. The women who prayed for me explained what my root issue was and graciously and tenderly walked me through it. I received sonship that day. I knew what sonship was, but it was more head knowledge than personal identification. It is now my heart’s cry: I am His beloved and He is my Abba!!”


“Oh My!  Life after SOE is certainly not the same. Since I attended SOE I am more confident in my giftings through the Holy Spirit and I have had the opportunity to help minister to others as God has made opportunities available.  SOE also gave me the opportunity to experience healing for some deep inner wounds. To God be the Glory!!!!”


“SOE gave me a lot of confidence in God and a solid foundation for closeness with Him. Since then I have been getting to see co-workers miraculously healed and/or strangers supernaturally encouraged.”


“Life after SOE has been great! I have so many tools in my tool belt and I feel very equipped to access the power and person of God in a confident way. Since the school I’ve just been looking to stir up everything that was deposited in me.”


“I learned so much at SOE. I appreciated the intellectual information as well as the activation. The various speakers were extremely motivational. The school solidified my faith and expanded my boundaries in a good way. “


“I appreciated the foundational focus on God’s word and intimacy with God at SOE. That both of those should be what we build on in walking in the gifts and power of God.”


It's time to ignite your destiny.

Come and immerse yourself in prayer, worship, teaching, practical activation and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.