2021 Prophetic Gathering

Restoring Prophetic Integrity

Just one moment can change a lifetime.
Join us for the 2021 Every Nation Prophetic Gathering.

Encounter God

Join believers from all over the world for the annual Every Nation Prophetic Gathering hosted by Grace Covenant Church in Chantilly, Virginia. You will have the opportunity to uniquely encounter God and experience His supernatural work in and through your life. During our time together, along with powerful times of worship, you will hear from proven prophetic men and women from whom their insight, anointing and heart will build your faith to give you greater understanding of prophetic gifting and ministry.

You will also have the chance to realize and release your prophetic gifting through practical instruction and activation sessions geared towards building your confidence in hearing and communicating the heart of God for others.

Come. Meet people. Get Inspired. Immerse yourself in the prophetic. And encounter God. You will never be the same.

2021 Theme

Restoring Prophetic Integrity

Integrity. By definition “honest, upright, whole and undivided”. Integrity should be a given as to rightly representing God’s person, voice and intent. As He is truth, His word —written or prophetic — should always reflect that truth, both “whole and undivided”. Yet we too often find both the expression and reputation of the prophetic in peril as it fails to reflect that integrity. The question then is how do we cooperate with the Spirit to ensure that the words being spoken as from Him are indeed in alignment with His character and intent? Our Prophetic Gathering this year could be the most important we have ever had. Join us in this critical hour.

Join us with

Jim Laffoon

International Director of the Every Nation Schools of Empowerment

Jim Critcher

North American Director for the Every Nation Schools of Empowerment

R.T. Kendall

Author, Speaker, Teacher